Four Benefits of VITAVATEā„¢ HEART

Weā€™re here to help you elevate your health and support your wellness journey.Ā Ensuring youā€™re taking the right dietary supplements and daily vitamins ā€” in addition to eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise ā€” is critical to long-term health. VITAVATEā„¢ is the leading provider of supplements for heart health and has created the VITAVATEā„¢ HEART formula to provide a wealth of everyday benefits. Learn more about why you should incorporate our best supplements into your self-care routine and shop with VITAVATEā„¢ today!


Supplement for Heart Health with Natural Flavoring

Vitamins are often notorious for tasting like chalk orĀ  having no flavor whatsoever. This feature can make it difficult to adopt a new daily routine of taking supplements for heart health, but VITAVATEā„¢ HEART changes all of this. Our dietary powder supplement formula includes natural lemon flavoring to make it easier, and more enjoyable, to take every single day. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of VITAVATEā„¢ HEART.

Key Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to a delicious lemon flavor, our VITAVATEā„¢ HEART supplement for heart health allows you to receiveĀ  several critical nutrients simply by mixing up one packet into 16oz of water. These vitamins include Vitamins B6 and E, which are key for supporting cognitive development and protein metabolism, as well as possibly reducing oneā€™s risk of cardiovascular disease. While you may be able to get the recommended amount of these nutrients from the foods you eat, the Ā VITAVATEā„¢ HEART supplement for heart health makes sure you get them first thing in the morning!

While you may be able to receive the recommended amount of these nutrients from the foods you eat, the VITAVATEā„¢ HEART supplement makes it so you can support your overall heart health anytime its convenient for you!

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Features Ingredients to Lower Risk For Heart Disease

To compliment the vitamins included in the VITAVATEā„¢ HEART formula, it also includes all-natural ingredients that support heart health and wellness, such as fiber and taurine.Ā A primary ingredient in this supplement for heart health is fiber, which can significantly decrease the chances of developing coronary heart disease and other conditions, such as obesity, stroke, diabetes and hypertension. Taurine is also a main feature in VITAVATEā„¢ HEARTĀ which studies show can help reduce oneā€™s risk of chronic heart disease. Ā 

Promotes Energy ProductionĀ 

The best supplements are ones that can be taken in the morning and provide energy for the rest of the day. VITAVATEā„¢ HEART not only includes essential vitamins but also magnesium to promote energy production. Incorporating this supplement for heart health into your everyday routine allows you to help regulate muscle and nerve function as well as blood sugar levels.

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At VITAVATEā„¢, we want to ā€œFill Your Cup Firstā„¢ā€ - so you feel empowered to be your best!ā€ Our mantra communicates our desire for VITAVATEā„¢Ā to be an integral part of your daily routine. More importantly, ā€œFill Your Cup Firstā€ recognizes the importance of prioritizing self-care amid competing responsibilities. Our supplements for heart health are available online now and intentionally designed to provide essential everyday support for your lifestyle. Learn more about the ingredients and benefits of our VITAVATEā„¢ HEART supplements for heart health and order yours online today!

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