Welcome to VITAVATE, where you are part of our cherished family. We believe in putting family first, and that's exactly what we do at VITAVATE!

Our Co-Founders are Lori and Loryn, a dynamic mother-daughter duo. Inspired by the incredible women who play multiple roles in their lives, including themselves, our team purposefully crafted VITAVATE formulas in collaboration with leading scientists. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality proprietary blends that offer unparalleled support to the modern-day heroine.

Drawing on Lori's extensive background in food safety and quality assurance spanning over 30 years, VITAVATE is committed to delivering the knowledge, leadership, and dedication you deserve in your supplement routine.

Our mission is to enhance your overall wellness and elevate your life. We are here to Fill Your Cup First so that you feel empowered to feel your best!

Our mantra, “Fill Your Cup First", communicates our desire for VITAVATE to be an integral part of your daily routine. More importantly, “Fill Your Cup First” recognizes the importance of prioritizing self-care amid competing responsibilities. We are committed to fostering a community that provides wellness support and resources as we learn to fill our cups together. 


Join VITAVATE co-founders and mother-daughter duo, Lori and Loryn, as they embark on heart-to-heart conversations exploring the nuances of self-care, growth, connection, and holistic fulfillment. Together, they delve into what it means to 'fill their cups first.'