Vita Apex is an inspired Vitamin Supplements brand created by Lori White, Founder of Apex Quality Product LLC, to honor the memories of her late Sister, Selby, who lost her battle with heart complications.

It has been Loriā€™s mission to address the number one killer of American women each yearā€”heart disease, which has affected 49 percent of black women ages 20 and older and killed more women than all types of cancer combined.

Lori recognized the changing state of our mind and body after menopause and applied over 30 years of her knowledge and expertise in the food and nutrition industry to formulateĀ a tasty, easy-to-useĀ cocktail to elevateĀ heart health, focus, and energy. She also discovered that lack of focus or ā€œfuzzinessā€ in the brain is another side effect that women experience pre- and post-menopause.

When Lori saw the need for a simple nutritious solution for other busy mature women to maintain their energy level for their active lifestyle, a ā€œpick me up without crashingā€ formula was obvious to her.Ā 

After perfecting the Vita Apex formula for over 2 years, our team is pleased to introduce Vita Apex's delicious Vitamin Supplements into your familyā€™s daily nutritious mocktail menu.Ā 

We are family-owned and operated, so we see our customers like family, where you can be yourself and feel your best. We will always place the needs of the consumer above those of the bottom line and strive to uphold the best quality that we want for our families to be delivered to our customers.Ā Proudly manufactured inĀ California to support our communities.Ā Ā 


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