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Fuel your internal power source with sustained and steady energy. No crashes here. Just a smooth and powerful pick-me-up for anyone looking for natural energy without jitters. 

  • SUSTAIN ENERGY WITHOUT THE CRASH- Fill your cup first with our naturally flavored strawberry powdered dietary supplements to elevate and sustain energy levels during the day without a crash.
  • CLEAN, NATURAL, PREMIUM, INGREDIENTS- The all-natural blend of vitamins and minerals includes green tea, ginseng, choline, ginger root, grape seed extracts, PABA, and Resveratrol.
  • EASY TO CONSUME & HYDRATE - Experiencing pill fatigue? Pour one packet of the powdered mix into 8-16 oz water. Shake or stir and drink up! Best served over ice. The delicious strawberry flavoring will make it much easier to hydrate during your day.
  • ENERGY ON THE GO - Each pouch has 15 individually sealed packets (6g) that you can easily fit into your pocket, wallet, purse, you name it!
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - VITAVATE products are manufactured in a cGMP-approved facility. Every ingredient and production lot is tested to ensure the highest efficacy and food safety standards.

    Free shipping on all orders over $50*

    Free shipping on all orders over $50*


    Elevate your wellness routine with VITAVATE™ dietary powdered supplements to support heart health, restore focus, and sustain energy while on-the-go.

    gluten free
    sugar free


    Every ingredient and production lot is tested to ensure the highest standards in efficacy and food safety.

    Green Tea Open Close

    Green Tea A natural caffeine punch paired with an impressive lineup of antioxidants and minerals. Because you deserve energy that fuels your body vs stressing your body (looking at you coffee). It may also protect against some diseases.

    Ginseng Open Close

    This remarkable root has been used for centuries. Its fatigue busting and concentration boosting properties make it an extraordinarily energizing extract.

    Choline Open Close

    Is required for the nervous system and supports muscle control, memory, and mood regulation.

    Grape Seed Extracts Open Close

    Hello antioxidants. This little seed packs a protective punch against metabolic syndrome, supporting blood glucose, lipid profile, and blood pressure.

    Para Amino Benzoic Acid Open Close

    PABA is part of the B-complex family. Studies suggest PABA can promote folate production. ​

    Resveratrol Open Close

    A powerful protector, Resveratrol has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, meaning it can defend against a wide range of chronic diseases

    Experience the Highest Standards in Efficacy and Food Safety

    VITAVATE™ products are manufactured in a cGMP-approved facility and backed by over 30 years of food safety and quality assurance expertise. We partnered with industry-leading food scientists to develop effective, easy-to-consume, and flavorful formulas.


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